Nation of Brethindar

Capital: Brethindar
Location: 480 miles east of Elban, 1600 miles west of Tuvor, 1160 mile
southwest of Menden.
Dominant Climate: Temperate hills and plains with scattered forest
Population: 165,000
Population Diversity:
Humans - 48%
Elves - 2%
Dwarves - 14%
Gnomes - 17%
Halflings - 19%
Area of Influence: Brethindar is a fair sized kingdom, claiming
territories 130 miles east into the grasslands and 110 miles west
into the Torammad Hills. North and south, its claims extend 70 and
80 miles, respectively.
Goverment: Brethindar is a Parlimentary Monarchy, made up of the king,
a council of lords, and the Grand Masters of the nation's trade
The king commands the armies, oversees the execution and upholding
of the nation's laws, and has the power to approve or strike down
new laws proposed by the council of lords.
The council of lords, also known as the Septariat, is comprised of
seven men chosen from among the landowning nobility. This council is
tasked with the day to day running of the kingdom and proposing new
laws and/or revising old ones as they are required.
The kingdom's trade guilds are responsible for keeping the Septariat
appraised of the economic standings of the regions in which they
operate, seeing to the upkeep of the roads in and around the towns
and cities, and keeping a census of the people of the kingdom.
Features of Note:
The Trade
Every city has its underground, and Brethindar is no exception.
What makes The Trade noteworthy is its organization and the extent
of its influence. Practically a second government, The Trade engages
in extortion, blackmail, prostitution, theft, and espionage. Every
member down to its lowest man is at least semi-literate and trained
to identify every noble and guildsman of rank. They keep a tight rein
on crime in Brethindar, as too high a crime rate would attract the
attention of the legitimate authorities. They also keep an eye out for
non-Trade operators, for much the same reason, making The Trade an
even more effective policing agency than the city watch. In the last
century, The Trade has attempted to branch out into other cities,
Particularly Spires and Amittil. The distances involved, however, are
proving a major obstacle, and the satellite branches have yet to
gain any real foothold.

Transitory Populations
The elven population does not remain a constant 2% of the kingdom's
overall population. It fluxuates up and down, depending on the number
of elves moving through it during any given year. Very few elves take
up residence in Brethindar for much longer than a few years at a time.

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