The calender used in the game setting follows a lunar cycle of 32 days, 13 months, and a repeating cycle of 13 years. The months are named for the thirteen major constellations, as are the years. The days are simply numbered 1 through 8 for a four week month.

Days Months Years Seasons

1              Quenamarth        Prophet          Winter
2              Hriniir           Hammer           Winter-Spring
3              Kharkaa           Travail          Spring
4              Dorkelva          Bear             Spring
5              Mammonas          Tribute          Spring-Summer
6              Mermidon          Warrior          Summer
7              Ardu              Maiden           Summer
8              Olvarduin         Willow           Summer
               Bema              Judgement        Summer-Autumn
               Maekel            Scythe           Autumn
               Kendarad          Innocence        Autumn
               Fyerakal          Illumination     Autumn-Winter
               Tueprazdar        Weasel           Winter

Noteable Events: 1. The New Year Always marked on the first day in the month of Quenamarth, a full moon. Every 82 years, there is a full solar eclipse that darkens the moon on this day. The Dwarves call this day Khab'Akor (The Evil Day), and count it an ill-omened year. No Dwarf will travel more than five miles from his home throughout that year, save during time of war. Those away from home on the day of the eclipse will make all possible effort to return home or seek shelter with a close and trusted friend. This holds especially true when this event occurs at the start of a Year of the Prophet. Throughout that Year, no Dwarf will ever be found unarmed and armored or traveling in groups smaller than 12 (the compliment of a Dwarf War Party).

2. The Feast of Somerhulf Generally falling on the 17th or 18th of Bema, this harvest festival and celebration of victory in the last God War last for a full week. During the year of a Khab'Akor, Dwarves will arm themselves as for war for the full duration of the one week feast.

3. The Wizards Game of Amittil

4. Godsfest

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