During the Second God War, when hostilities raged not only between the other races and Aazthkhanak but between almost every nation, the drive for newer and better weapons was particularly fierce. Out of this came the Giants. Although no one is certain or willing to admit which faction had created them, they have the appearance of abnormally tall elves with more muscular builds. They exist in two distinct subgroups, the common giant and the larger Earthshaker.

The common giant stands bewteen 12 and 15 feet in height, possesses strength and endurance proportionate to a creature that much more massive than an Elf or Human, and tend toward a lower degree of intelligence than the smaller folk. There have ben notable exceptions, but when dealing with a common giant it is safest to assume the more brutish sort. They are more numerous than their larger brethren, but far less in number than most of the smaller races. While staying primarily to the foothills at the base of the great mountains, individuals will sometimes wander farther afield. When one does so, it often causes a considerable stir among local farmers and woodsmen, as they typically have little understanding of the concepts of private property or even rudimentary manners. Due to the actions of several such wandering individuals, the rest have gained a rather unsavory reputation as murderous savages.

Far more well received are the Earthshakers, who proved to be highly intelligent and fiercely loyal friends to those cities for which they fought. Towering over all, they satnd at a nearly uniform 32 feet tall. Like their smaller cousins, their strength and endurence is proportial to an Elf of that much greater size. Even less numerous than the common giants, most Earthshakers have chosen to make their abodes far from the smaller races, living individually or as mated pairs. Many are craftsmen in one trade or another, and all are at least as intelligent as a typical Elf.

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