Native creatures to the current universe, griffons are a marvel of nature.
Appearing to be part eagle and part lion, they defy all conventional notions of
biology. They are powerful and graceful creatures, whether on the ground or in
the air, and possess a keen animal intelligence that has allowed the development
of a highly detailed social structure and allows them to employ group tactics
in their hunting.
Their habitats include high mountain aeries as well as stoney hill and lowland
areas where caves and other natural shelters can be found. They were once used
as combat mounts in the long ago days before the Third God War, and continue

to show an affinity for Dwarf and Elf animal tamers. Both of these races, however, have
avoided training these magnificent beasts for war for the last few hundred years.
The cause for such caution is the fact that griffons were very nearly wiped
out as a species during the Third God War, as the demand for such lethal and effective
war beasts became ever greater. In the mountains where Dwarves hold sway,
griffons are jealously guarded from molestation and poaching. To this day, many
Dwarf clans use the griffon in their heraldry as a token of strehngth, courage,
and nobilty.
Hest maintains a private aerie for a small pride that inhabits his citadel,
and can sometimes be seen soaring across the northern skyline near Menden.

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