Arennels[edit | edit source]

Arennals are large, flightless birds similar to egrets. Their sharp beaks and
powerful legs make them ideal as light calvalry mounts, although their
cantankerous dispositions often make them a danger to their own riders as well.
They are capable of running flat out for hours on end without becoming winded,
giving them a massive strategic advantage in getting a line of lancers set up
to defend the flanks of any infantry they are assigned to defend.
Unfortunately, these vicious birds tend to go feral very easily if left
unattended for more than three days. Worse, a feral arennal can never be

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Glidecats[edit | edit source]

Popular mounts with Elves and most adventurers who prefer stealth, glidecats offer a
smooth ride with an almost undedectably silent tread. Their only drawbacks are a
tendancy to become jittery in heavily populated areas and have been known to go
feral if left unattended for more than a few days. While they can be redomesticated,
they will always test their rider at any opportunity.

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Horses[edit | edit source]

Slyphs[edit | edit source]

Mild tempered and compliant to begin with, slyphs are easily trained and rarely
go feral. Even in the cases where one is left on its own for weeks at a time, a
domesticated slyph will return to service as a beast of burden with little
effort on the part of a skilled rider.
These reptiles are low-slung and move with a slithering, side-to-side gait. If
there is any drawback to them, it is that they are instinctually diurnal, and
can never be made to move at night.

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