Woodhall Province

The easternmost ofthe Elven kingdoms, the Woodhall Province consists of the entire forest of the same name and several miles of plainsland beyond. All settlements and cities are tucked away within the forest, with grassy roads providing clear paths from the great city of Barbeleg to the several outlying towns.
The city is a marvel of structural engineering, resting on the uppermost boughs of the giant oaks. With the exception of the War Mage College, all buildings are constructed of plaster trimmed lumber and a crystalline material manufactured by College sorcerors. The city is a great bridgework, spans of this crstalline material stretching between the platforms upon which the city's buildings sit, giving the metropolis the appearance of being a single, shining gem among the great trees' foliage.
The War Mage College is the only structure that sits on the ground, at the base of the great trees, and is constructed entirely of granite and marble.

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